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Paying with a Credit Card

Merchant funding 

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What is merchant funding/cash advance?



Merchant funding or merchant cash advance is a business funding designed to help your business gain access to the cash it needs in a flexible way. The lender provides the business with a sum of money based on a percentage of payments taken on the businesses card payment machine.


Merchant cash advances are suitable for a wide range of businesses and are considered to be on the most up to date innovative products available in the financial market today.



Can my business get a merchant cash advance?


If your business is currently using a card terminal to take payments from customers. The lender works directly with your businesses merchant payment company and takes a percentage of the money coming into your business.


Unlike other types of lending, credit checks or detailed account analysis is not required.


How does a lender decide how much I can borrow?


Any business that receives payments via a card terminal is eligible for a merchant cash advance. As the lender can see what your business makes over an average month, we can agree on a loan amount and a repayment plan much faster than with other lending options. It can be a great solution for businesses that don’t have valuable assets and need a cash injection.



Benefits of merchant funding cash advance


  • Easier to set up compared to traditional forms of finance

  • Ideal for businesses who take a considerable amount of their takings on a card processing machine

  • Suitable for any form of business including e-commerce and leisure businesses.

  • No secured assets are required.

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