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Invoice Finance


Like any business that has a cash flow issue, invoice financing is a way to borrow money based on what your clients owe your business.


If you have an unpaid invoice or have to wait for the payment terms to lapse so for example 30 days from receipt of your invoice, invoice finance may be a solution for your business.


Invoice finance gets you the cash immediately before you get paid to enable you to use money that you would normally wait for.


Invoice finance was set up to be simple and straightforward. No long wait periods for invoices to be settled. Valuable income being paid by lenders in advance to you immediately. The faster your business gets paid for completed work, the greater the opportunities to increase.


What is the criteria for Invoice Finance?


In order to apply for the invoice, finance a business must be trading for more than three months. Usually, the revenue of the business should equate to anything from £40,000 per annum. If your business is fast-growing, invoice finance is a great option available to you.


Do I need good credit history for invoice finance?


Your business does not need to have a perfect credit record, but you should have a good record of paying your suppliers on time and in full.


Can I share my details on my sales ledger?


Invoice Finance is set up so our lenders can access your sales ledger through integrated systems. Lenders can also accept invoices via email too.

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The Finance Process


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We establish what your business needs and wants including finance or equipment you wish to obtain


Our lending underwriters listen to us. We submit a proposal on your business


Documents signed online. Faster payout where needed


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